Walt Digital Download

$ 150.00

Owners Statement:

"My wife and I found Walt The Syncro around 8 months ago after a 6 month search and willingness to travel to different states. We found Walt in Long Beach, Our home town. We decided to go with this 87 VW Vanagon Westfalia Syncro with a soon to be Subaru 2.2 Engine because we wanted to take the road less traveled, and camp in spots that are not easy to get to. In that 8 months of owning Walt, it has taken us to many beautiful sunsets and waking up to beautiful sunrises from the backside of  Big Sur to Majestic The High Sierras... From Coast to The Desert and all the people along the way. Walt the Syncro is a true Adventure-mobile and Freedom vessel. The Road to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina is our ultimate goal. It has liberated us from the rat-race and found our true selves and each other."


This product is a PNG (RGB) file in full 300 PPI. A link to download the file will be emailed to you upon receipt of funds. The purchase price includes rights to personal, non-professional use only. You can use it to make your own holiday cards, prints, Tshirts, sweatshirts... Whatever you want! Distribution of the file for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or need a different format.

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