Das Tubby Tshirt

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Owners Statement:

Das Tubby is our 1990 Multivan. It was an all California Carat tintop that received one of the first ever North American Hightops. The van was totally redone: lifted, big brakes, solar panels were installed along with a host of other additions. Because my wife Malia is a born and raised Hawaiian Island girl, we have a big Hawaiian flag on the back of the van with a "Live Aloha" sticker on the rear bumper. The “Live Aloha” sticker is really how we feel about the van: it has been a dream come true for us; we have done a ton of work to the van and we try to spread the Aloha spirit as we drive and explore our beautiful new home state of California. We had been living on the coast of Maine where most vanagons are just completely rusted out, but my sister was battling leukemia and a bone marrow transplant so we moved out to Marin to help her and her two small kids. While here we sold our pickup truck and bought this beautiful rust-free "California Van" and have LOVED every minute of it since. We've explored all over the Western US, and Yosemite is one of our favorite haunts. I am a photographer and my wife is an art director, so we use this as our base camp for assignments. We travel with our dog Hoku and the van has been a space of fun, healing, and has been a wonderful distraction for our niece and nephew as my sister has dealt with cancer related treatments. Mahalo for including us in this project!"

made in USA

100% Fine Jersey cotton construction

Made with The softest, smoothest, best-looking T-shirt available anywhere.


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